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Netorare Zuma episode 1

Mamayu is Hiroaki’s favorite men. She is a simple guess. She doesn’t flirt.
She has perfect frikopi, MIX, and call, and she is a lightly less kitchen, but her current freaks, who are just a little closer to MVP, continue to be continuous, even after marriage, and even during H. From she now she was beaten.
For her, it was her biggest worry.
She has no other complaints. Any range of her hobbies is fine. She doesn’t even care about Cosplay H once in a while.
But she’s always a little …
In front of Hiroaki, who is sleeping without knowing anything, Taniguchi slowly looks at her sensational and scented limbs while listening to her-Reiko’s consultation and licking her inner tongue. rice field.
“What …, what …!? No, stop …, Akan … !!” –She