Nightmare x Deathscythe – Hangyaku no Resonance episode 2


Rinne, Setsuna, and Yuka, they found themselves knee-deep in some twisted fate. They stumbled upon a gateway that led straight into a bottomless pit of debauchery. It was like a never-ending abyss. Now, Rinne, she’s got some special blood flowing through her. She’s inherited the shinigami lineage. But things take a wild turn when she ends up knocked up by a tentacles demon. But hold up, it gets even crazier. Setsuna and Yuka, they get caught up in some religious cult mess. They got surrounded by a bunch of followers, and next thing you know, they’re kneeling in front of this legendary device called the “Dark Meat Rod.” While all this madness is going down, Rinne’s watching it all go to hell. She’s feeling some strange happening inside her. like a transformation brewing. And just when she thinks she can’t take it no more, the emblem of a demon pops up.  In a flash of light, Rinne taps into her true power, embracing her heritage as a shinigami descendant. She becomes something else, something fierce and unstoppable.