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Rinkan Gakuen: Yamete! Okaa-san, Minaide! episode 1

Two transfer students come to the school.
One of them, Ai Daifuji, is the real daughter of a health doctor who works at the school.
Her long black hair, snow-white skin, and the fragile beauty of her mother’s inheritance attracted the eyes of her students as soon as she transferred. A video that can be delivered to such love from no one. There was a shame of Haruka who was struck by the students and the principal of the school and went crazy with yoga while being covered with semen. Her teacher, Sakuma, whispers to the shocking love. If you want to help her mother, offer her virginity.

The other transfer student, Konohana Ayumu, is the daughter of a prestigious conglomerate.
She transferred to the school after her half-sister, Hotaru Kusagawa, entered the school.
Her beauty, like a proud and reluctant aristocrat, quickly becomes the focus of attention.
The dignity that arouses such a man’s desire to conquer can be said to be a perfect “feast” for the evil spirits hidden in the school. Her younger sister, Firefly, was abducted, and Ayumu was also exposed and overrun by all the maidens who had never even shown her parents.

Men’s semen and relentless words of contempt fall on the mother and daughter who protect each other, and the sisters who comfort each other’s trauma.

“Your very existence is nasty!”