Sweet and Hot episode 2


1st Story : To fix the problem of less babies being born and lots of old folks, the education system decides to bring in a new, hands-on sexual education curriculum that aims to make it less awkward and biased. In the school gym, all the students gather and do their warm-up exercises before diving into the practical part of the lesson. They pair up and get down and dirty with their newfound knowledge. Takamine gets left out and ends up stuck with Muta Hara, who’s a real weirdo and not exactly a catch. Takamine tries to finish up the exercise without actually getting it on, just to get it over with. But, wouldn’t you know it, the teacher catches them in the act, and they end up in a special kind of detention.

2nd Story : We meet Chio Kasahara. She fancies herself as a badass reporter, always exposing the shady stuff that goes down in school. Chio decides to go undercover to uncover the truth about a secret club, but she falls right into a trap of false info. As payback for her past exposés, Chio becomes the target of revenge from the very people she exposed. They give her a twisted kind of punishment capturing every depraved moment on camera.