Tsurupeta Shugo Kishi Elfina Ochiru episode 1


“Ep. 1: The Hazy Knight Elfina” The noble knight Elphina fights until the end to protect the princess, but the Elven village has fallen under the hands of humans. The leader of the humans, Mord, orders Elfina to become his personal sex toy as a condition to leave the elves alone. Elfina, who has no experience in sexual encounters for over 200 years, reluctantly becomes Mord’s toy and gradually loses her consciousness.

“Ep. 2: The Ecstatic Knight Elfina” Elfina is tormented by dreams of sexual desire that she sees every day… Her body unconsciously desires it!? Before Elphina stands the Elven princess who once held the reputation of the greatest magician and sat on the throne with a dignified presence. Now liberated from being a princess, what she does for a living is…