Tsurupeta Shugo Kishi Elfina Ochiru episode 2


“Ecstasy Knight Elphina ep 2 act 1” Elphina engages in battles with formidable opponents in the arena, holding onto her warrior pride. However, her involvement in certain activities has awakened her to the pleasures of the flesh.

“Ecstasy Knight Elphina ep 2 act 2” Recognized for her achievements in the arena, Elphina is freed and returns to her role as a knight of the kingdom. When she visits the princess to share this news, she discovers a wild party under the guise of a social gathering. As her body begins to ache with awareness, the Ecstasy Knight Elphina is born.

“Ecstasy Knight Elphina ep 2 act 3” Elphina visits Rosetta, the ruler of a paradise governed by dark elves, accompanied by a human companion. They swiftly dismiss Rosetta’s subordinates and enter a room together. Rosetta, who secretly had a master-servant relationship with the human, had been eagerly anticipating their arrival.