Watashi no Shiranai episode 1


The appearance of a good wife, Ichihana, who was stripped off

His beloved wife, “Ichika Obito (maiden name: Sai),” who has a calm appearance and is well noticed, is Masato Obito, who has been married for several years but still lives a hot life like a newlywed.
There, I enjoyed Ichihana’s home cooking and had a happy conversation. In the bedroom at night, I was excited by Ichihana in a negligee figure, Masato who was intensely entwined, and Ichihana’s big breasts that were rubbed violently. Breast milk blew out from.
An envelope is sent to Masato, who is biting into such a happy marriage.
Inside was a DVD with the words “The Truth of Saiichi Hana”.
Masato tries to play a DVD while he is afraid.
What was projected on the screen was a video of her beloved wife, Ichihana, being robbed of her virginity by an otaku metamorphosis man, Yamazaki.
Ichihana is incontinent due to the relentless blame of Yamazaki.
She asks for help from the bad Sasaki who appears by chance, but ruthlessly Sasaki smiles and overruns Ichihana again.
Masato finds himself incredibly excited in the footage of a DVD sent to Masato, who believed he was a chaste wife.