Yama Hime no Sane episode 3


Repeated secrets between my mother and my best friend … Why is this happening …

“My mom and I live together … This little apartment was the best home for me until then …” My
mother, who is too casual to be with my best friend who comes to play only while I’m away. Koichi’s attitude has increased Koichi’s distrust since he happened to find his mother’s underwear dirty with semen.
and-. The sight of Koichi hiding in the closet, pretending to “go to the training camp,” confirmed that his distrust was not wrong.
Behaving to her height, her mother, who turned into a female, clings to her while moisturizing her eyes, and unfolds her foolery.
Koichi was staring at the mad feast of the two who might end at any time, as if he had just been robbed of his soul.