Ane Yome Quartet episode 2


The long summer vacation will end tomorrow.
Kouki has to decide her bride from among her four sisters in one day.
It was Kagayaki who had already had sex with Yurina and Sakuraori, but he
still could not decide on one bride.

As for the four Hanabishi sisters, except for the fourth daughter, Kyou, she had a straightforward affection for Kagayaki.
As a result, the sisters had an unusual appearance of a battle for brilliance.
Maybe because she was too worried, she got sick and was taken care of by Momone.
Momone is worried about her brilliance with a difficult face because she is too worried.
The four sisters are flowers, and the brilliance is the sun that illuminates them. Momone cheered up the brilliance
, saying that the flowers of the four sisters would not bloom properly if the brilliance was not shining . And Momone took off her clothes and put her lips on her brilliant lips …