Ane Yome Quartet episode 1

Summer vacation is about to end … Mitsuteru Hidaka was looking at the calendar with a mysterious look.
Not because he wants to enjoy more of his long vacation, but because he is about to make a
crucial decision.Kouki spent the summer vacation with his four sisters at the Hanabishi family next door.
Since the houses were next to each other and the fathers were close friends,
the four sisters of the Hanabishi family were loved like younger brothers from an early age.
The four sisters of the Hanabishi family are beautiful, but they are too individual and have many problems.Yurina, the eldest daughter who is good at home even though she can work.
She has a soothing personality, but when it comes to brilliance, her second daughter, Momone, tends to run away.
She is a maid who is all-around housework, but she is a withdrawal third daughter, Sakuraori, who has an interpersonal phobia.
Kyou, the fourth daughter who can’t help professing Kagayaki as her own toy.Patriarch of Hanabishi, the owner of the Hanabishi family
, entrusts the care of his four sisters to Kagayaki, who is a solid person, and at the same time reveals a certain promise that he has decided to be Kagayaki’s parents.
It means that Kagayaki has to decide on one of his four sisters, his wife.
The deadline is until the last day of summer vacation when the couple of both families return from their trip.
Who will Kagayaki choose for the bride?