Aneki… My Sweet Elder Sister episode 2

“Unnie …”
Mamoru, a brother-in-law who loves Yuki Unnie, was masturbating with her underwear in her room, and suddenly Yuki came into the room !? No excuses Mamoru who can’t resist is played with as Yuki says …■ “Longing Ritsuko-sensei”
Yamaguchi sneaks into the women’s changing room and holds a digital camera to take a picture of her longing Ritsuko-sensei’s body. The moment she changes her swimsuit, Chinatsu finds her unlucky. Yamaguchi, who was questioned by Ritsuko-sensei and Chinatsu-san, was told by Chinatsu to “show me the punch line” and had no choice but to take off her swimsuit.” Kota, who works part-time at the “Lofty dreaming”
duo, couldn’t help but be worried about Kanako, a beautiful office lady in a suit who always uses the convenience store. One day, when I went to the unisex toilet in the store, a vibe with love juice fell on the floor. At the moment Kota thought, “I’m sure it was Kanako who was using it a while ago …”, there was Kanako who put her hand on her doorknob.