Angel Blade Punish episode 3

Moena and Ayame were enjoying a brief vacation while attending Shire’s filming, but Dark Mother’s new thug Widow appears. She tries to fight back, but when something goes wrong with her body, she can’t help her at all, and she falls into a predicament. “Angel Bullet, the Holy Musketeer of the Void” enters the rescue there. She was Moena who escaped the difficulty for a while, but Shire already fell into the hands of her enemy and learned that she was doing her best. Even Ayame, who moved to rescue Shire, falls into the trap of Widow. Elfie, who caresses Moena who lost to her Widow, begins to caress her gently in order to awaken her new power. Moena feels her unprecedented pleasure, and she feels something new in herself …
The third edition of the second series is complete!