A lucky chubby will arrive with Sweet and Hot

Media Bank announced that the hentai doujinshi written and illustrated by Shimimaru, “Sweet and Hot,” will be adapted into animation. According to the catalog, the first episode is scheduled for November 10, 2023 in Japan, and considering that it is numbered it can be inferred that there is more than one in production.

Production is handled by Queen Bee, while the original doujinshi is available in the nhentai catalog (460087). Moreover, the synopsis writes:

  • But You’re a Prisoner of Sweet Body Odor, Part 1 and Part 2Women are attracted one after another by the smell of the sweat of the gloomy and plump man. The body odor it gives off causes your central nervous system to go into a frenzy. Once they perceive the smell, they are captivated by the chubby man. Girls in heat cannot suppress their sexual desires, and have sex with him. And they all always look for semen in their vaginas.