A netorare arrives in the live-action of Sakura Saku Chiru Hanabira

The news of a live-action adaptation of the popular hentai doujinshi, “Sakura Saku Chiru Hanabira: Guretsu na Ossan no Te ni Ochita Ore no Osananajimi Yoshioka Mio”, has caused quite a stir in the adult film industry. The production is being distributed by DMM/FANZA, a well-known Japanese distributor of adult content.

The film, which is set to be released on May 12th in Japan, will feature the talented actress Rin Asahi in the lead role. Fans of the original doujinshi will be able to easily find the movie with the identification code MUDR-222, while the original doujinshi is already available in the nhentai catalog (420578).

The story of “Sakura Saku Chiru Hanabira” centers around a young girl named Mio Yoshioka, who is leading a normal and happy student life until she falls into the hands of a lecherous old man. The doujinshi is known for its controversial and taboo themes, including netorare, a sub-genre of hentai that involves infidelity and cuckoldry.

The live-action adaptation of “Sakura Saku Chiru Hanabira” is being described as an early adaptation of a work that has garnered a lot of attention in the hentai community. The original part of the story was filmed based on the sequel’s plot, under the supervision of the original author, Kazuwo Daisuke.

The synopsis for the film asks the question of what fate awaits Mio, as she is thrown into a world of pleasure and sin. Will she be able to escape the clutches of the old man who has taken her? Or will she be consumed by the pleasures of the flesh and become a slave to her own desires?