A sexual magical girl will appear in Roshutsu-Kei Mahou Joshi Daisei Christhea

Japanese distributor Getchu listed the first episode trailer stills for the animated adaptation of the Roshutsu-Kei Mahou Joshi Daisei Christhea ( Magical Exhibitionist College Girl Christhea ) adult visual novel. The first episode will be titled “ Roshutsu-Kei Mahou Joshi Daisei Christhea – Episode 1: Transformation Magic is Public Exposure!? ” and the production is carried out by Majin Petit , with its release scheduled for next December 23 in Japan.

It should be noted that the fact that the episode in question is listed as “Episode 1” implies that it is quite likely that more than one episode is planned to be produced , something that has already been verified on several previous occasions. Finally, the original visual novel was released in March 2020 in Japan, and the synopsis writes:

  • Touka, a 19-year-old college student, is looking forward to starting a new life at college. She hopes to make friends with the girls and find a boyfriend.  However, she keeps a secret, her love for masturbation and dildos. As she masturbates with a new dildo that she has received from abroad, she is recorded by her childhood friend Kokoha. It turns out that Kokoha is a magical girl, the Tear Heart magical girl!
  • Kokoha’s magic comes from the energy of shame, or S-energy from the heart of a timid maiden. However, Kokoha is not shy at all! She demands Touka to become a magical girl so she can collect the S-Energy for both of them. She blackmails Touka by showing her masturbation video to everyone at school until Touka agrees. Touka becomes Magical Jousei Christea and helps Tear Heart fight Libido. However, she is not needed for anything other than collecting S-energy.