More girls will be abused in Mihitsu no Koi

Japanese distributor Getchu listed the teaser frames for the new original hentai titled “Mihitsu no Koi: Shin-yu no Kare,” which is scheduled for release on October 27, 2023 in Japan. The production is in charge of Nur and is part of the line “Otome no Hotobashiri (乙女の迸り)“, which already includes several previous original productions.

There is no more to say about an original hentai, so the synopsis writes:

  • The athletic Yuki is a beautiful girl whose daily routine is to admire the beauty of her best friend, Risa. On the other hand, Risa is a beautiful girl with a great personality, but who does not stand out at all. However, Risa has gotten herself a boyfriend bigger than her. Yuki, who has feelings for her best friend, hates this man and is sure that he is taking advantage of Risa in some way.
  • The resentment for the infatuation he hears from Risa, combined with the hatred he does not hide, makes him feel even more hatred towards him. On the other hand, the subject is the ideal boyfriend, who lightly overlooks Yunika’s outbursts and takes good care of Risa. The relationship between these two beautiful girls plus a man begins to change indecently after one thing: Yuki is an unexpected witness to Risa’s whore appearance, which she only shows in front of her boyfriend.
  • He witnesses a sex-hungry woman who is far from the Laughter that normally is, and a fever that burns her belly runs through her with rage and impatience. Yuki can’t get the shocking scene out of her head and before her eyes appears the hand of Risa’s boyfriend, who has grown tired of playing with both.