Seductive Silence: A Nymphomaniac Joins the Action in Mukuchi na Koushinchou Joshi Live-Action!

The Japanese distributor DMM/FANZA listed the production of an adult film that adapts the hentai doujinshi written and illustrated by Kugatsu Nagatsu, “Mukuchi na Koushinchou Joshi no Gyutto Shasei Kanri (Tight Edging from a Tall Girl of Few Words)”. The release is scheduled for May 12th in Japan, and the film will be starring actress Honoka Tsuji (辻井ほのか).

The 120-minute-long (2-hour) film will be available with the identification code EBOD-983, while the original doujinshi is available in the nhentai catalog (389449). Finally, the synopsis reads:

“Here comes the live-action adaptation of a successful doujinshi that accumulated over 10,000 digital copies sold on FANZA! As an employee of the NaitoAikou Company, which manufactures adult toys, I have been transferred to one of the product development departments. It’s a complicated section that is a pillar of the company but ends up exhausting male employees to the point of fatigue.

My job is to be “squeezed” by Asahi Hina, a tall but completely silent girl, who will test the latest masturbators that have been developed. “I want you to experience the best orgasm of your life!” mentioned the department head, who is quite shy but very skilled in sex. Finally, a live-action about female domination that everyone can enjoy!”