Succubus waitresses return at Night Tail premiere

Production company a1c listed the video trailer for the first episode of the anime adaptation of Kurasuke So-ko’s adult video game, “Night Tail.” The release is scheduled for September 29, 2023 in Japan, while production is handled by Majin Petit.

This first episode will be titled “Night Tail: Episode 1 – I Am The One Who Defeats the Nightmare!“, while the original video game was released in April 2019 in Japan. Finally, the synopsis of this first episode writes:

  • Yoru and Asahi are good friends who run a coffee shop. Together with his assistants Shiro and Kohei, they lead a fairly peaceful life. But that’s just a façade, during the night while everyone slept, the sisters have another kind of work. “I want you to have sex with me tonight.” His night job is to exterminate the nightmares that attack people, and his name is Night Tail!
  • However, the night itself is a maiden. In your dreams, things can get very perverted! Licking a stranger’s dick, and even offering sex for the first time! Such erotic dreams, no one else should know about them! Do you want to know how interesting this night job gets? Beautiful girls transform into sensual magical girls to exterminate nightmares!