Summer: Life in the Countryside will have a second episode in September


Japanese distributor Getchu has listed a second episode for the Summer: Life in the Countryside hentai anime , which will be released on September 30 in Japan. This episode will be titled “ SUMMER – Inaka no Seikatsu: Episode 2 – Dainiwa Natsuyasumi no Kadai to One Piece ( SUMMER: Countryside Sexual Activity – Episode 2: Summer Vacation Assignments and Dresses )”.

The first episode will be released on July 29 in Japan and you can read all the information about it in Internet . The production remains in the hands of Mousou Senka and this project is an adaptation of the visual novel of the same name developed by Dieselmine . The synopsis of this second episode writes:

  • I’m alone with a childhood friend during summer vacation. My childhood friend Hazuki lives in the countryside, which is rich in nature and very relaxed. The combination of the liberating feeling of being out in the country and the situation of being alone together makes every day a good day for sex. Stand on your back while studying. A “cold blowjob” after eating a popsicle. Masturbate on your childhood friend’s hips during a mobile game or during small talk with the neighbor’s uncle.
  • In the afternoon he fucks his childhood friend who is leaning on a telephone pole, and that night he covers her with scant erotic clothing that he himself chose. Here he has a summer vacation that he will never forget. The sound of the cicadas are the only thing that covers the sound of charging in full sun. The momentary voice of a childhood friend moving her hips.
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