The abuse of a schoolgirl will continue in Shunka Shuutou

So, this Japanese distributor Getchu, they’ve gone and listed the production of a second episode for this new original anime called ‘Shunka Shuutou.’ It’s set to drop on March 29, 2024, over in Japan.

Now, the folks at Nur Studios are the ones behind this naughty piece. It’s part of this series called ‘Otome no Hotobashiri,’ which basically means it’s all about these fine-ass ladies gettin’ taken advantage of by some dude. The stories might seem similar, but they ain’t connected. Now, here’s the juicy synopsis they wrote:

Miharu Aragaki, poor thing, she’s been reduced to nothin’ more than a used object. She whines and moans, but still does whatever her counselor Shiki tells her, ’cause she ain’t tryna have her secret spilled to the whole damn world. Day in and day out, Miharu gets treated like trash within them school walls. She’s tryna front like she don’t enjoy that man’s cock, but her face gives away the pleasure her wicked subconscious craves.

To follow her counselor’s orders, she sets up a damn camera in a classroom. And that’s where the real action starts. Miharu starts pleasin’ herself, givin’ her teacher some head, and then gettin’ fucked doggy-style. She’s desperate to bear the humiliation of bein’ watched by them other students. She swears she’s done with all this shit, but that counselor of hers forces her into one last act. So, he sets up a meetin’ in a park at night…