The abusive stepfather returns with Papa Katsu!

The Japanese distributor Getchu listed the preview frames for the new hentai titled “Papa Katsu!: Tsundere Kunouiki,” with its release scheduled for June 30th in Japan. As the title indicates, it is a continuation of the story presented in the original hentai “Papa Katsu!“, which had two episodes last year.

Of course, the production of this original hentai is once again in the hands of Nur, who describes this new installment (or third episode in general) as follows:

The suffering of Tsumugi Irokawa continues… Now, seeing the face of her beloved older sister being abused by her hated stepfather, she couldn’t bear it any longer. The idea that this man, her mother’s husband, was now abusing both of his stepdaughters simply made her explode.

Enraged by this fact, Tsumugi confronted her stepfather once and for all. “I do it to discipline you,” she received as a response. No matter what Tsumugi said or thought at that moment, soon enough that man’s penis was penetrating her again. The ill-mannered girl was being violently abused as part of her discipline and, above all, to show respect to her stepfather. Even though she tried to resist, her efforts were in vain. The person she trusted the most turned out to betray her…