The cute girls abused continue in Shunka Shuutou

Japanese distributor Getchu has listed the production of a new original anime titled “Shunka Shuutou (working title)”, which is scheduled for release on December 22, 2023 in Japan. We added the “working title” tag because there is still no confirmation of the pronunciation of the title.

The production is in charge of the Nur studios and this new original hentai is part of the line of stories “Otome no Hotobashiri (乙女の迸り)“, which include narratives about beautiful girls being abused by a man, very similar to each other, but not connected. Finally, the synopsis writes:

  • Miharu Aragaki is a beautiful girl, an honor student, friendly and anyone’s ideal lover. Every day he receives confessions of love, but he always stands firm in rejecting them all. However, behind the scenes he goes through different problems, such as perverted messages, harassers and subjects taking pictures of him secretly. While still being harassed in this way, Miharu keeps a smile before the public, while from behind she does not stop sighing and cursing her current situation.
  • He has a true nature that shouldn’t be known, but he can’t do anything about it on his own. The person you see ends up being your school counselor. He is the one who has accidentally made his true nature known. So what should I do? As Miharu looked over her shoulder at this guy, she didn’t realize that her professor’s hot dick was the solution to her problems. “Take care of this and I’ll help you,” but Miharu’s situation was about to get worse.