The first look arrives for My Mother The Animation

Hentai author XTER shared through his official Twitter account the second video trailer for the animated adaptation of his doujinshi hentai My Mother , which will be titled My Mother The Animation . In his Twitter message, the author explains that this is not the “final version”, something denoted by the fact that there are no lines of dialogue or sound effects. He also points out in other answers that the background music is not the official one, but that he simply added something so that the video would not be silent.

The launch does not have a scheduled date, but the author has previously mentioned that it will take place in ” the next winter season “. However, since it is a project produced outside of Japan (which is why it will not be censored), the “winter season” would begin in December and not in January 2023 , as is customary in the anime industry.

The synopsis of the work, available at  nhentai (413692) , writes:

  • The story is directly connected to the three chapters of the adult doujinshi “My Sister”. Nont, a 20-year-old college student, has been in a sexual relationship with her older sister, Naye. After Aunt Nina gets a video of the two of them having sex, things get complicated. Now Nush appears on the scene, 42 years old and her mother, with whom she will have “an appointment” that could quickly get out of moral control.