The gal harem returns in Oshikake’s live-action Bakunyuu Gal Harem Seikatsu!

Japanese distributor DMM/FANZA listed a second live-action film based on the hentai doujinshi written and illustrated by Hishigata Tomaru , Oshikake Bakunyuu Gal Harem Seikatsu! Gyaru Harem Invasion ), which will be released on July 14 in Japan. The film stars Alice Otsu (乙アリス) , Miu Arioka (有岡みう) , Maya Kikuchi (菊池まや) , and Nene Tanaka (田中ねね) .

The production is carried out by the company E-BODY, while the tape will last 161 minutes (2 hours and 41 minutes) and will be available with the identification code EBOD-995 . Finally, the manga is available uncensored in the nhentai catalog (347643) and the first movie is available with the code EBOD-945 .

Finally, the synopsis of this second film writes:

  • Four beautiful and busty gal schoolgirls have fun sexually abusing men who are delighted with their bodies… Continue the sex and the continuous ejaculations! One day, while our protagonist was jobless and sad, he was mugged by a gang of gal schoolgirls with big tits and uncontrollable sexual desire… After that, the days of sex and reverse rape began… Four women with incalculable libido can easily dominate the shy unemployed man, who is used as a meat dildo by the four young women.