The hero’s revenge continues in Yuusha Hime Miria

Japanese distributor Getchu has listed the production of a second episode for the animated adaptation of the adult video game developed by Circle☆Fairy Flower, “Yuusha Hime Miria“, which is scheduled for release on February 22, 2024 in Japan.

Since the first episode, which will not be released until December 22, 2023 in Japan, was already numbered by the distributors, it was known that there would be more than one in production. This episode will be titled “Yuusha Hime Miria: Episode 2 – Gather Information in the Garden of Knowledge! Naughty Lessons in Academia!”, produced by Majin Petit Studios and the synopsis writes:

  • Ugh… The princess heroine, why did she have to lose her virginity to a random guy? But something tells her that’s a heroine’s obligation, so it’s a good thing, isn’t it? What’s that voice talking over your head? He doesn’t understand it, but now he knows he has to go to the academy to train. A new adventure of the brave Miria begins!
  • The adventure is full of ups and downs, as much as facing a dangerous orc all the way to the academy to get information. “After all, that should make a hero! Is it normal to do dirty things with the people I meet? Why should I wear these kinds of revealing clothes? What’s going on inside my head?!”