Vanilla 1LDK+JK to continue with a second episode

Japanese production company Media Bank listed the production of a second episode for the anime adaptation of the hentai doujinshi written and illustrated by Sou Fumitsuki, “1LDK+JK Ikinari Doukyo? Micchaku!? Hatsu Ecchi!!! (Surprise Roommate? Living Together!!! First Time?!!)”, which is scheduled for release on October 6, 2023 in Japan.

The production is being handled by the King Bee brand, with Mary Jane in charge of animation. The extensive original doujinshi has been compiled into a total of twenty-seven chapters for a cumulative total of nearly 800 pages, and is available in the nhentai catalog (359997).

Finally, the synopsis of this second episode writes:

Akane Misaki and Ken Hasama have to live together for a week due to a contractual error by their landlord. He is a stranger, but Akane takes care of him, even fixing his folded tie. Hasama also prepares Akane’s food when she comes home tired, and seems to care about her. The time they spend in animated conversation is something she has never experienced when spending time with her family.

Akane begins to organize her bags so Hasama doesn’t realize that she is beginning to feel comfortable in this life. Then she realizes that the parents’ meeting is tomorrow. Akane asks Hasama to attend and pretend to be her uncle. He has no intention of going, but understands Akane’s situation and agrees to help.

The next day, after successfully passing the interview with the teachers, Hasama and Akane take a long walk around the school out of nostalgia and arrive at the stairs leading to the rooftop, where no one is there. Suddenly, they reflexively hide from someone passing nearby and, in order to hide, come into close contact with each other. Perhaps because of the atmosphere of the place, which was said to be a place to get laid, Hasama’s hands begin to rub Akane’s buttocks.