Cafe Junkie episode 1


At the request of her childhood friend Kaede, the three of them, Yu, Nanami, and Kurumi, suddenly decided to leave the coffee shop.
3 days staying overnight. Yu, who has her longing for Kaede, is longing for her to return to her hometown after graduating from college. Nanami and Kurumi, who give her feelings to Yu, each secretly reveal her feelings to Yu. Yu who has a feeling for Kaede for each of her that she can be a “convenient woman”, but has a relationship as she is swept away.
On the other hand, the name of her best friend “Ishuin” comes out frequently from her Kaede’s mouth. Yu is worried because she doubts the name of her best friend, who has only been there once, but cannot confirm it. Her annoyance is directed at her Nanami and Kurumi …
Nanami and Kurumi respond to each other’s forcible humiliation. It begins to give off a sweet scent of “perversion”