Fella Hame Lips episode 1


One day, Taro found and purchased a next-generation humanoid Onaho that looked just like the older sister next to her longing to play with.
The Onaho delivered on the same day was immediately connected to the computer and started up, but an error message was displayed …!?
The setup failed. It will take at least an hour to reset.
The crotch that has grown into a bun is the limit of patience!
What, I finally try the unadjusted Naoko Onaho that has not been reset.
However, as expected, the next-generation Onaho
Too much pleasure in the super next generation Onaho, I tried many mouth variations and fired continuously.
And finally to the lower half of the body …
Naoko Onaho, who became unadjustable, would live with Taro as Onako.