Gamen kara Detekita Oshi Vtuber to H na Dousei Seikatsu ~Shomin-ha Kyuuketsuki Ojou-sama wa Keiyaku Shitai~


Masato Kasakabe has a very demanding job that makes him feel like a squeezed lemon. His pleasure lies in watching his beloved YouTuber’s broadcasts. Masato can only dream of living with his favorite YouTuber, Oshi, and never expected it to become a reality. However, life is unpredictable, and one day, his three favorite YouTubers end up living next to him.

This is the story of their life together with a noble vampire woman named Ruby, who escaped from her home and now resides in a dormitory. To temporarily help with Masato’s financial situation, Ruby takes on a part-time job. Despite the challenges, they strive with all their might to support each other. But then, Ruby discovers new emotions she has never felt before…