Goblin no Suana episode 4


Sayuki, this cool female samurai straight outta some far-off land. She’s got looks that can make any dude drool and a body that’s straight-up fire. Her beauty may fools everyone, cuz she won’t hesitately to slash a person if they dare to mess with her. Sayuki ain’t about to settle for being just another warrior. Nah, she’s on a mission to become the absolute best, honing her skills like a freakin’ master samurai. But, when it comes to goblins, they don’t give a damn about her skills or personality. If she’s a badass chick, they’ll swarm her like a bunch of horny bastards, hell-bent on capturing her and getting their dirty hands all over her. Sayuki, underestimating those goblins, ends up gettin’ caught and thrown into a goblin’s den. Her pride as a samurai takes a major hit as those nasty goblins defile her honor and mess with her in ways she never imagined.