How about a triangle like this? ~Midsummer Edition~


Japanese Title: こんなさんかくかんけいってどうですか?~真夏編~

Alternative: RJ439599

A summer vacation at a certain school… Two female students: Saya and Rena. They were enjoying a secret relationship in the infirmary of the school building where no one was supposed to be. A male student from the art club, Tsukumo, who was on his way to school witnessed their act. Saya notices this and approaches Tsukumo… Saya tries to stop him from telling her about their relationship, but they end up having an illicit relationship. Saya becomes addicted to the pleasure of boys. She continues to play with him on the roof of the school building. But then Rena, who was looking for Saya, appears. She thought that Saya was being attacked while she was playing… The three escalate their act, and the pleasure comes to an end.