Internal Medicine episode 2


Sugiura is in charge of the health examination of the nurse, and approaches Nanami naked. He tells Nanami who resists a voice recorder, and when she deprives her of her freedom, she relentlessly attacks Nanami. Nanami resisted at first, but gradually discovers herself who is drowning in that pleasure. On the other hand, Kagemoto, who plans to defeat Sugiura, discovers a newspaper article about Sugiura’s sister from the materials at his home and learns about an old incident before the director opened. “Now, this hospital is mine.” It was Kagemoto who jumped in his dingy room.

Following Nanami, it was coral that received Sugiura’s health examination. A coral that is gently kissed by Sugiura, who was longing for it, and entrusts everything. “I want to be a good nurse like a teacher, myself, and a patient-minded teacher.” Sugiura responds to the words and shows her revenge. That was the word he said to her mother when his sister died and aspired to medicine. Sugiura, who called Nanami home on Sunday, recorded a video recording of a perverted play with Nanami and ordered her to turn on her vibrator the next day.