Isshoni H Shiyo episode 5


Yuki, my sister-in-law, suddenly came to a house living alone from the countryside!
I thought she was a kid, but before I met her for a while, she got a nice promotion!
Even though I’m a brother and sister, I’m still having trouble with my eyes … I don’t know that feeling, “Let’s take a bath together!” …

It’s been a long time, brother-in-law!
Ehehe ~ I was surprised? … Is that forgotten?
Well, it’s been a long time, and I’ve grown a lot!

My brother-in-law didn’t contact me at all, so I came to see him!
Hmm, no sign of her! No suspicious relationships!
Yeah, is that okay!

Well, let’s do the laundry for cleaning!
When you’re done, take a bath, brother-in-law