Last Waltz: Hakudaku Mamire no Natsu Gasshuku episode 1


The heroines who left Japan and came into contact with the outside on the island that came to the training camp. In order to survive in harsh conditions, we have to use female weapons.
A heroine with a refreshing personality, dedication, and a naive personality. There are many male fans who heat their crotch in the gap.
“Yuki Mochizuki”, who has a bright personality and a solid personality, is a baby-faced and petite type.
The arrogant personality of a young lady, “Maaya Mishiro,” is the type most hated by her same sex, but she captivates men with her beauty and abundant proportions.
“Hino Hinako”, a type that suits stalker for Lori Fetish thinking, is pretending to be an intelligent person, but her spirit is unexpectedly fragile.
“Tsuko Karasuma”, who looks down on a man with the charm of an adult, is a local staff member at the training camp. She has a modest and gentle personality, she is unfamiliar with Japanese, and she sometimes misuses.
“Cynthia Sagrid” is a place where she is fascinated, and the fact that she has an immediate liking for men and women can arouse the jealousy of men.
Five such unique women are forced to put up with everything.
Yes … “To pull out”.