Meijyou 3 Part 1 episode 1


Fei’er, a woman with both looks and skills, was caught up in a life overshadowed by her messed-up family background. The haters in her circle labeled her as a freak, and to make things even more interesting, she was put in charge of looking after another outcast homie named Long-Yue. One day some serious drama went down. Long-Yue, driven by her compassionate nature, swooped in to save a classmate from a toxic relationship. Little did Long-Yue know, that girl took advantage of her kindness and used it to protect her own reputation. Yeah, she’s one of those stuck-up girlfriends, always bragging about how her boyfriend is the whole package – rich and handsome. Scared of getting caught in her web of lies, she schemed against Long-Yue, framing her for her own gain. And man, did Long-Yue pay the price with relentless bullying from that girl’s posse. Fei’er and Long-Yue spent time together being an outcast. Fei’er couldn’t help but notice that Long-Yue was trying to copy her style, from the way she dressed to the way she talked. It didn’t take a genius to figure out that something more than friendship was brewing between them. As Fei’er’s eagle eyes caught onto this imitation game, Long-Yue started to realize the deep feelings growing towards Fei’er.