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Pakomane: Watashi, Kyou kara Meimon Yakyuubu no Seishorigakari ni Narimasu… episode 1

Hakomine Gakuin, a prestigious local school that has also participated in national baseball tournaments.
Saki Inami, a first-year student of her, became interested in a game she happened to watch and became a manager of the baseball club.
She is a caring and kind senior manager, Nozomi Kurimiya, and refreshing baseball team members.
Expecting the days of youth with her teammates starting from now on, Saki was excited about her, but …
“It’s the manager who takes care of everything so that the members can stay in perfect condition.
” It was a tradition of sweat and lust.
Activities as a sexual treatment clerk that is taken for granted to work for sweaty members.
Sexual service performed regardless of her instills loyalty and pleasure in her virgin girl.
At the mercy of her distorted tradition, Saki eventually devotes her mind and body to her members …