Private Sessions 2 episode 2


Tomoya Ishiguro replaced the student who looked exactly like him and infiltrated the Seishu Gakuen. His purpose is to make beautiful girls ○○ and make them pets. Ishiguro, who has already obtained three people, Yumi, Seirai, and Asuka, has taken the next step. In the computer room, there was a figure of Yumi being struck with a mouse and a cord without hail. Yumi gets rid of her pubic hair with a depilatory cream. In her library, Seirai feels tampered with anal in front of her junior (Yoko Yuki). Asuka being hit by a triangular wooden horse in the art room. Ishiguro seems to feel something other than refusal while being blamed.

“Yumi tends to be an exhibitionist who feels pleasure in being seen by people. Seirai is a metamorphosis who is bullied by a hole in the ass. Asuka is a woman who is pleased to be bullied …. The future training menu is Each one was decided … ”

Ishiguro’s eyes glowed suspiciously …