Real Eroge Situation! 2 The Motion Anime


The protagonist Toru So, got this wild-ass fantasy shit going on, and he’s jotting it all down in his “sex diary.” He keeps that shit under lock and key, you know? But then bam! His classmate Chikage Hou, this fine-ass and talented chick, stumbles across that diary and turns it into her personal spank bank material! From that day on, Toru and Chikage, the freaks that they are, start sharing their dirty little fantasies and bringing to life all the kinky sex shit Toru wrote in that diary!

But wait, there’s more! Chikage ain’t satisfied with just Toru. She brings in this well-stacked babe named Nao Ryuubi and her childhood homie Rito Tokito. These girls are down for all sorts of sexual games, man. They’re ready to fulfill every filthy desire Toru has penned down. And slowly but surely, Toru starts building his own damn harem of sweet-ass ladies who are all about getting it on!