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Rensa Byoutou episode 1

A surgeon, Shuji Yamada, has been dispatched to Kiyosato Hospital, which is about two hours by car from the city center.
An unfortunate event occurred in which Shuji’s father died during surgery. However, Shuji suspects that his father’s death was a medical error during surgery, which is difficult to prove now, but at the time when his whereabouts were unknown, his father’s surgeon, Takao Kanno, changed his surname and Kiyosato. I came to this hospital looking for clues, relying on the information that I was the deputy director of the hospital. There was Kiyosato Misako, his first love woman, who inspired him to become a doctor. Shuji felt fateful at the reunion after a long absence, but when he learned that Misako’s husband was Takao, he found out that not only his father but also the woman he loved was robbed, and Shuji revenge on Takao. Determined to do that.
To find out Takao’s weaknesses and the truth of past medical malpractices, he looks at people who are more familiar with Kiyosato Hospital than himself, a collaborator / nurse Haruna Wakoto, and an obstetrician / gynecologist Aki Katsuyama. Shuji succeeds in enslaving him one after another. He aimed at Misako with his own distorted desires and a grudge against Takao.