Teakamamire no Tenshi The Animation episode 1


An idol who shines in the spotlight on the stage ──
Reina Kisaragi made her debut as a new idol, fulfilling her dream of becoming an idol since she was a child.
However, the road to the shining stage that she envisioned was far away, and the current situation continued without much work, without ringing and flying. Reina Uchida, who is angry at what this situation is like when she compares herself to the idols of the same office who are doing brilliantly, does not feel any difference, and makes a direct interview with the producer of her office. The producer sees Reina Uchida, who can’t hide her anger and impatience, and she throws one word of her, though it’s bothersome. She says, “I’ll make a connection-she’ll do something about herself. ” Without her understanding, she was taken to a luxury hotel restaurant that hesitated to enter alone. What was waiting there was a man who was an executive of a famous company. A dress that colors herself, a licking gaze. What do I have to do now to get to the glorious stage? And she embarks on her path as her “idol” with her determination to devote herself to her.