Virgin Auction episode 2


A virgin with a 100% full guarantee … Would you like to bid at an auction?

Three super beautiful virgins were bid on the virgin auction.
One of them, “Yuki”, is found to have been experienced and is XXed by many men according to the rules.
However, “Yuki” injured the virgin expert “White Snake” and attempted to escape from the captive luxury condominium.
And the glamor “sea” and the white half “silver” put up for auction are sold.
The man who made a successful bid for “Umi” was a hikikomori virgin. Can the “sea” protect the virginity?
The person who won the bid for “silver” was a guru who lived in a secret temple.
However, “Silver” noticed that there was a father who had abandoned himself and his mother, and was burning with revenge … The series.