White Blue episode 1


Is there anything wrong with you?
It is the nurse’s skylark that looks ashamed.
Kyota’s unfortunate accident turned around, and Kyota’s feelings for her reunited with her, who had been secretly thinking about her since she was in school.
Due to the inconvenience of hospitalization, I can only meet when I am nursing, but the faint romance rapidly shortened the distance between the two
… …
It was the worst ending to visit two people who passed each other …
“No, please, why is this?” The drunken skylark
was caught between his breasts and rhythmically. A nurse who looks into her face.
On top of that, she has a despised face of Ishigami, which is different from her usual refreshing smile.
“Are you making your nipples stand up in such a situation? A sow”
Ishigami who handles the body roughly by himself with the words to throw away.
A partner who should have trusted to consult with Kyota.
As if ridiculing the embarrassed and angry skylark, you will be tasted the cloudiness that is released from the standing …