Daiakuji: The Xena Buster episode 1


After the defeat, Japan lost the war with Wimi, a female-on-topist nation trying to put the world under its control.
When the main character, Daiakuji Yamamoto, who finished his life in the camp, returned to his parents’ home, the Wakame-gumi,
a mistress from his grandfather was in charge of the group due to Wimi’s policy after the defeat.
Although he was a villain who returned to his parents’ house, he could not compete with his weakened body in the camp life and was kicked out.
It was Yoko Aoba of the community management union “Service Youth Group” who saved the villain who was devastated.
The villain who took control of the service youth group by using the innate coma tech to rape the members of the service youth group started to recapture the wakame seaweed.