Daiakuji: The Xena Buster episode 4


The villains who enter the battle with “Kansei Nago Shintokyo” succeed in capturing Nene Tsukise. Onions who train carefully and try to find out the secret source of funds for Nago religion. On the other hand, at the Nago religion headquarters of Shikina who lost the leader, the believers riot and attack in search of the miracle blood of the female. Yoko and Yume confirm each other’s feelings while the headquarters becomes a sea of ​​fire, but Ihabira, a mysterious woman looking for her Yume, finally finds her whereabouts! The battle with Nago religion is also a climax. And what is the purpose of the new Ihabira? The 4th OVA series! The scene of XXX attacks! !!