Zettai Junshu Kyousei Kozukuri Kyokashou!! episode 1


The time was 20XX AD-the birth rate of boys was extremely low, and humankind was in danger of extinction.
The government has enforced the “SEX New Law” and “Freedom Act Permit” to counter the declining birthrate.
If you show this permit to a woman anytime, anywhere, you can have sex with that person!
One night, Ena of the declining birthrate countermeasures section brought a “freedom act permit” to Takumi, and her life changed completely!
She has sex with Sarah, a genius girl who is interested in sexual activity, and she is tempted by her childhood friend Rin’s older sister Misaki to use her permit, and Rin who secretly likes Takumi is that. I am in agony when I see.
However, Takumi inadvertently used the permit in her classroom, and Rin had her first experience in front of the public …