Aikagi The Animation episode 1

The last winter of the school.
“Nozomi Haruhara”, who is about to take the entrance examination and graduate, was at a loss.
I was asked to be independent and was looking for a room to live alone, but I couldn’t find a property that met the conditions.
Perhaps I couldn’t see such a hope, one suggestion from my childhood friend “Kotori Yu Shiori””That …! Wow, my …, why don’t you live with me at my house !?” Even though I was sick, then I would live with two people …? I wonder, but it goes on to flow from the consent of her parents, and when I notice it, I decide to live with her childhood friend and her two.
Cohabitation for a limited time only for one month.
It’s a short period of time, and since I’m a childhood friend, no mistakes can happen.
I was thinking about that, but one side of Shiori that I learned for the first time by living together, a feminine gesture at the moment.
Every time she is conscious of her, her heart beats.”What will happen to us …”A life with a childhood friend begins.