Angel Blade episode 2

An era in which both the nation and order are chaotic. In such a devastated city, a floating old castle led by an evil organization, Dark Mother, appears. The Phantom Lady, who reigns at the top of the Dark Mother, was planning to take possession of the Nanometal Skin Reinforcement System (Angel System). He orders Dark Mother executives Chloe and Irena to wait at the hospital where Ayame is hospitalized to catch Angel Blade.
However, what appeared there was not Angel Blade, but Emily, Ayame’s companion! Emily tries to capture Chloe and Irena, but she is taken hostage by the Holy Stream and is captured on the contrary! After that, Emily is humiliated by Chloe and Irena … The very moment when the devil’s hand was about to reach the holy stream …! The goddess of justice, Angel Blade, has appeared!