Zoku Oujo & Onna Kishi W Dogehin Roshutsu: Chijoku no Misemono Dorei episode 1


The long-running war between superpowers ended with the victory of the Dominus Empire.
The princess Elise, who led to the destruction of the Kingdom of Erstein, was called the worst lewd woman, and her appearance and her pant voice echoed throughout Erstein.
Sex XX Elise existed as a symbol of Probassanda of the Dominus Empire, but she never saw it …
All the Erstein men were purged, and the women became sexual XX.
There is a sexual law that does not allow a woman to refuse sexual treatment of orcs and soldiers at any time, and if she does, she will be purged on the spot.
The kingdom has entered a dark age …
Anna, a female knight, leads a resistant force, but she is captured by Baldur.
She had a secret in her right eyepatch …