A dark-skinned waifu will arrive in Rennyu Order Okawari

Oh, damn, this is some juicy news! So, check it out, the Japanese producer Pink Pineapple has gone ahead and listed an animated adaptation for the hentai doujinshi “Rennyu Order: Okawari,” written and illustrated by Kuronomiki. This steamy hentai release is set to hit the screens on April 26, 2024, over in Japan. No episode numbers yet, but with this doujinshi being a wild ride, it’s safe to say there’ll be more than one episode.

Pink Pineapple is the one pulling the strings behind this production. Now, if you’re into some raunchy stuff, you can find the original doujinshi on nhentai’s catalog (366931). But let me tell you about the plot of this episode, it’s gonna make your heart race:

To make that baby of yours, I’ll do my damn best as your wifey!” So, We got the one and only Kuronomiki, with their wicked collection of busty babes, taking three popular episodes from the “Rennyu Order” series and turning them into an OVA. And what’s it about, you ask? Well, it’s all about the love life of a smokin’ hot, dark-skinned princess who ties the knot in a foreign land.

Now, out of nowhere, this dark-skinned bombshell Sasha, the princess of the mysterious country Al Fajar, shows up at our protagonist Takayuki’s place. He’s chilling all alone in Japan, far away from his folks who are on some archaeological dig in a distant land. And get this, Sasha brings a letter from her old man, sayin’ she’s become Takayuki’s wife. What a mind-blowing surprise, right? But without skipping a beat, Sasha straight-up asks for some serious marital action to pop out an heir.