A KITE and MEZZO FORTE already have progress for their remastering

Japanese distributor Getchu listed the trailer for Blu-ray remastered versions of hentai A Kite and Mezzo Forte , both originally produced by ARMS studios (now declared bankrupt and defunct since 2020), with their release now handled by the brand. Showten Vintage and scheduled for next December 23 in Japan.

Both are original productions, with A Kite being released in two episodes in February and October 1998, followed by two Mezzo Forte episodes in May 2000 and June 2001. In addition to the studio, both productions were also directed by Yasuomi Umetsu . and character designs by Masashi Ishihama ,

  • Synopsis for A Kite: After her parents were brutally murdered, schoolgirl Sawa was taken into custody by Akai and Kanie, a pair of detectives assigned to her case. Corrupt and immoral, they train the girl to become a weapon, dangling the promise of revenge in front of the hapless orphan. From celebrities and politicians to influential businessmen, Sawa is tasked with assassinating targets arbitrarily selected by her corrupt supervisors.
  • He executes all missions without fail, and his signature weapon has become infamous among the city’s police officers. Physically abused by Akai, who is no fairer than her victims, Sawa begins to dream of a life without the shadow of her “guardians”. One day, Sawa meets Oburi, another orphan and a caretaker. They quickly form a bond born of despair and discontent at the unjust world, envisioning a future free from the taint of murder.
  • Mezzo Forte Synopsis: For some individuals, baseball is more than just a game. Momokitchi Momoi, an underworld boss and owner of a professional team known as the “Peach Twisters,” seems to be the perfect example. There is only one punishment for players who have let you down: death. As terrible as it seems, there is someone even more evil than him: his daughter, Momomi.
  • The three members of the Danger Services Agency – Mikura Suzuki, Tomohisa Harada and Kenichi Kurokawa – are on a mission to kidnap Momokitchi and end his criminal empire. Surrounded by armed bodyguards, he is destined to be a risky target. However, being born with a gun in her hand, Mikura is used to dancing with danger. The only unknown is Momomi, who is reputed to be a cold-blooded killer with a twisted mind. If she gets in the way of the DSA, Suzuki might finally find a worthy opponent.